July, 2015

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A Christmas Sugar Cookie

Here is an extract from a  nice cookie story of a lonely old lady and sugar coated cookies by Michael T. Smith

It Was Just a Simple Cookie

Now alone, she sat in her chair, stared at the tree, listened to her parakeet and drooled for a frosted sugar cookie. “Lord, I don’t need much, but right now, I would love a frosted sugar cookie. I will sit in front of my electric fireplace, sip a cup of tea, and remember a wonderful moment in my life. It’s not too much to ask on this special occasion.

Read the full story of the sugar coated Christmas cookies here.

A Real Cookie Monster

Here is an interesting cookie story from a checkout lady in a NZ retail store:-

(A middle aged couple comes to my checkout.)

Me: “Hello, how are you?”

Wife: “Fine, thank you.”

Husband: *grumbles*

(I proceed to pack their shopping, when suddenly the male customer starts looking angry.)

Husband: “I think you hate your job! I think you want to quit!”

Me: “Um, no… I quite enjoy it.”

Husband: “Well, you will get fired! You don’t show a proper respect!”

Wife: “Henry, calm down.”

Me: “I don’t know how I offended you, sir.”

Husband: “No, not to me! Show proper respect to those biscuits!”

Article Source: Not always Right Cookie yarns

Acting Like A Cookie Monster

Here is a story  about a cookies from a restauranteur.

“(We have a regular at our restaurant, a 14-year-old, that bikes to our store and gets the same order about once a week. Everyone gets along with him well, and the owner likes him enough to give him free cookies with all of his lunches. The owner has just given him some free cookies.)

14-Year-Old Regular: “Thanks a ton!”

(Another customer sees this, and starts yelling.)

Customer: “Why did that BRAT get free cookies? I DEMAND to know, AND get cookies complimentary with my order!”

14-Year-Old Regular: “I always assumed I got them because I’m not a douche-bag of a customer, unlike someone else.”

(The customer goes red and shuts up.)

Owner: “Isn’t he cute?”

Article from Not always Right

Milk and Cookie Stories!

 Milk and Cookie Stories!

On the second Tuesday of the each month, one lucky, secret Dublin venue is transformed into a giant living room.

Milk and Cookie Stories, a volunteer-run arts, storytelling and home-baking charity based in Dublin. The group is founded on the belief that everyone has a story to tell.

If you give a mouse a Cookie

See what happens if you give a mouse a Cookie. Here is a great story read on a video. Kids love Cookies and they will love this little story