• Hmm The smell of fresh Cookies straight out of the oven. Mums Kitchen, Wow that's a memory we never forget, and it hard to beat.

  • OH Yes these are one of the top cookies ever little bursts of sugar and chocolate make the crunchy cookie blissfull

  • How about a Melting Moment? Cookies to die for!

  • You probably would'nt like a Passionfruit Cream. Save them all for me.

Cookies are our passion. Try to eat just one of ours

Some of our Proud Partners

  • "In 1588 a Spanish Royal Navy Ship ration was 1lb of Biscuits and 1 gallon of beer" - Our cookies go better with Milk
  • " I have friends, I have music, but best of all, I have Cookies" - Felicity Silk
  • " Cookies will Do it" - Author unknown
  • "Cookies control the internet - Feel free to delete one of our Cookies today" - Bay Cookies
  • This is another cookie cutter business
  • “Bite off more than you can chew and chew like buggery” - Churchill